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Are you having a wedding in in Liverpool? You can arrive at your wedding venue in class, elegance, and style if you hire one of our latest Rolls Royce Phantom models. Our wedding cars Liverpool are always exciting and you are free to view them if you book an appointment in our showroom.


What we do

In conjunction with close partners in the industry, we strive to get you the hardest to find wedding cars Liverpool. It is our duty to offer the best car hire service possible to make your wedding the most memorable moment of your lifetime. We love what we do and seeing you happy is our greatest reward. Besides having an eye for detail, we try to make your big day a fun day for the people involved. We make things comfortable an enjoyable from picking you up, rolling out the red carpet, preparing the bride to walk down the aisle, serving drinks, and getting you to the wedding reception. 

Reasons you should hire us

Our greatest forte is attention to details. After booking, we allocate a coordinator to your event to make sure that there is a clear line of communication with one of our team members. Our wedding cars Liverpool can go just anywhere. Check a portfolio of our vehicles on our website. These are the vehicles that we proudly own. So, we give you exactly what you hire.

Why choose Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantoms are ideal for the big day of any couple. The rear coach doors of the car open for you to get in. Imagine that sweet moment when your bride comes out of the luxurious vehicle in style. The car interior features leather upholstery which feels so elegant and soft. From a starting price of £350, we offer an experience to behold and one that suits your bridal requirements. You can also request a combination of sports cars, modern sedans, and stretch limousines. Our fleet of Rolls Royce also includes the white Rolls Royce Ghost and the convertible Drophead.

Rolls Royce Phantom is one of the most comfortable wedding cars in Liverpool. It offers the ultimate luxury that any wedding couple desires. It is bigger than the Ghost model and the most prestigious of them all. Call us today to hire one and it will be our pleasure to help.

We present our Liverpool wedding cars in the most meticulous manner with experienced chauffeurs who understand all Liverpool locations and safety guidelines. It is our joy to see you enjoy a perfect trip. Our chauffeurs drive you from your hone to the wedding destination smoothly and without a hassle with one of the Rolls Royce Phantoms.

  • White Rolls Royce Phantoms: White Rolls Royce Phantom guarantees a unique touch of romance and elegance to your wedding day. It is our duty to see your wedding crew transported and reaching their destinations in style and in a timely manner. We have a fleet of dazzling Rolls Royce Phantoms with pearl white finish, interior refrigerators, and comfy leather seats. The white models are the apex of beauty and engineering.
  • Rolls Royce Dawn: If you want an extra touch of extravagance, Rolls Royce Dawn is the way to go. Every bride wants to be whisked into a swirl of romance and royalty during her wedding day. It couldn’t be better with the most revered vehicle- Rolls Royce Dawn. Book the car and you won’t be disappointed. Sophistication is at its pinnacle.
  • Silver Rolls Royce Phantom: Do you want to showcase an impressive ego with front grills that turn heads as your wedding entourage glides along the streets? A silver finishes Rolls Royce Phantom will make you feel like royalty with its sumptuous walnut and leather interior. It adds the magical powers any couple wants on their special day.
  • Rolls Royce Drophead: This convertible model is the best way to achieve a smooth, stylish, and stunning wedding. The eye-catching exterior and interior designs are the ultimate expressions of luxury and class.

Rolls Royce is an emblem of grandeur. The brand caters to the elites but from our company, anybody can experience the exquisite feeling of traveling in the posh vehicle. The sparkling exteriors and immaculate interiors of the Rolls Royce Phantoms speak a lot about the vehicles. The rear doors make it easier for the passengers to board while the driver holds the door. Our latest models have the top-of-the-line features including wooden dashboards, superior upholstered doors, and elegant seats. The craftsmanship behind the vehicles is simply astounding. The state-of-the-art technology of the vehicle sets it apart and no luxurious car can beat it. Call us today if you want to make your wedding the most special day in your life.

Affordable wedding cars Liverpool

Your wedding is probably the most significant day of your life. For this reason, you need a car that will complement your wedding theme. Our wedding cars in Liverpool bring glamour to your wedding day if you are a fan of big cars. Isn’t it exciting to see immaculately made cars enter your wedding venue like what you see in movies? Luckily, you don’t have to go bankrupt because we offer these services at an affordable price. From £350 you can switch from the common wedding trends to a classy entourage. 

Perhaps your bride wants a vintage car and you prefer a new model with tech-savvy gadgets and specs. Bottom line is you want a wedding car for hire. Talk to us if you are stuck on what type of wedding car in Liverpool you should hire. We provide both old and modern Rolls Royce cars. Visit us today and your bride might fall in love with the newer models which are the market leaders. Even a vehicle which is about 50 years old looks spectacular and it can be something you want to ride in with the confidence that people will notice you.

Package up any Rolls Royce combo to suit your wedding needs. Request a quote today and see how affordable a wedding entourage can be.

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