Take a ride on the Rolls Royce Ghost, a masterpiece of modern innovative engineering designed to be a monster on the road and at the same time has the capability to act intelligently. For an effortless journey, choose the Rolls Royce Ghost.

Code-named as RR04, the Rolls Royce Ghost is an homage to the classic Silver Ghost of 1906. Smaller in size when compared to the Rolls Royce Phantom, it utilities about 20% of common parts with the BMW 7-Series. It shares features such as the air springs and the FlexRay electronic system that are found in the Phantom.

Features Include –

  • Rear hinged coach doors that creates an extra sense of theatre as passengers embark or arrive at the destination
  • Soft full grain leather, natural wood veneers and soft wool carpets create a unique luxurious interior
  • Cashmere blend roof lining and panorama sun roof adds to the openness and space and its like being cocooned in your own private sanctuary and leaves you relaxed and unruffled even after the longest of journeys.
  • Hand stitched leather work and wood veneers coming from a single tree all add to the character and class of this Rolls Royce
  • Bespoke audio system with 18 carefully positioned speakers optimized to create the perfect sound. Passengers can control this from the comfort of the rear seats.



  • Only the best enhanced DBS checked chauffeur at your service
  • Built In Advanced GPS technology for added peace of mind
  • Ribbons of your choice
  • Choice of music can be made by email
  • Red Carpet or Ivory Carpet available for entry or exit and will be laid by chauffeur

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