The Bentley Flying Spur is the four-door variant of the standard two-door Bentley Continental. Being the second make of Bentley’s since it’s acquisition by the Volkswagen group in 1999, the Bentley Flying Spur comes with a much longer wheelbase and a more spacious rear seating area than its predecessor the Bentley GT.

The Bentley Flying Spur is a monster on the road with a very classy, luxurious look.

Options include a remote-controlled rear-seat entertainment system embedded in the front row headrests.

For 3 passengers plus chauffeur. Comes in cream interior, centre console in the rear for champagne and command system. Heated seats and air conditioned seats..


  • Only the best enhanced DBS checked chauffeur at your service
  • Built In Advanced GPS technology for added peace of mind
  • Ribbons of your choice
  • Choice of music can be made by email
  • Red Carpet or Ivory Carpet available for entry or exit and will be laid by chauffeur

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The Bentley flying spur Hire Story

The Bentley flying spur as we know it these days is a production after the purchase by the Volkswagen group in 1999.

The Bentley flying spur is a stretched version of the Bentley GT and has 4 doors. It has more room in the back and is why we prefer this as a chauffeur driven wedding car.

This car has a powerful engine. A 6 litre W12 beast that boasts 600 horsepower and can et from 0 – 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

Inside, you will be treated to a plush leather interior complete with full entertainment options and your own rear control console. The car even features trays that pop out of the wooden finish interior for your comfort.


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Bentley Flying Spur Hire For Weddings

Following the popularity of the Rolls Royce Phantom, we wanted to offer our customers something a bit different and something for a different budget. The Bentley flying spur made perfect sense and we made the decision to purchase our first Bentley flying spur.

As our roots lie firmly in the beautiful city of Manchester, it made perfect sense to launch Bentley hire Manchester in 2009 after purchasing our Bentley flying spur. Our links in the wedding industry connected us with couples looking for chauffeur driven bentleys in Manchester leading to a lot of bookings in the wedding market. We decided to replicate the success of your Rolls Royce phantoms by partnering with wedding venues in Manchester and our first partnership was with the Renaissance.

The Renaissance brought about the rise of the business traveller and soon we were doing airport runs and corporate days out.

The best logical step was to expand into Cheshire and its wealthy suburbs. This was the time when we wanted to take our rolls Royce phantom service as well into Cheshire and before long wedding cars Cheshire was born offering a bespoke Bentley flying spur for hire and a rolls Royce phantom for hire in Cheshire.

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Mottram hall was our next partnership and with a few weddings under our belt we started doing package deals combining rolls Royce phantom hires and Bentley flying spur hires. This is when we started getting noticed by wedding fayres and magazines all trying to get both cars on show.

It was Spring 2011, with a near full calendar for our Bentley flying spur, it was now time to get a new one. I remember the conversation with my business partner ash who thought I was bonkers but the numbers made sense. We bought our second Bentley flying spur in April 2011 just in time for the wedding season.

With a brand new Bentley added to the fleet along with the phantoms, we set our sights into merseyside. We launched Bentley hire Liverpool to serve this area. It was a no brainer really. A few events and appearances at the echo arena and we generated a bit of buzz for our wedding car service in Liverpool.

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Now with an established presence in Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire, what better way to expand than moving into Lancashire and the lakes.

This is when we started offering our services as Bentley hire Lancashire. With a great relationship at Samlesbury hall, we quickly setup shop and was gaining popularity as the best Bentley hire wedding cars in Lancashire.

Following this successful entry in Lancashire, in order to mirror our successes with the rolls Royce phantoms, the next step was to crush it on West Yorkshire and our breakthrough came when we worked out a deal with Rudding park and this was the start of our expansion as a Bentley hire Leeds and Yorkshire service.

In future, we intend to take the business forward by acquiring more Bentley flying Spurs to complement our rolls Royce phantom wedding cars.

Thank you joining us on our journey so far to be the best wedding car company in the northwest and uk.

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