Are choreographed wedding numbers cheesy?

Many couples these days are striving to set themselves apart from the norm. Many do this by going for chauffeur driven modern Rolls Royce Phantoms (sorry couldn’t help it) as opposed to the traditional vintage cars. Couples are now going for calligraphic elegant handwritten vows rather than choosing the bog standard templates from the registry office. 

A trend that we have been spotting these days is the rise of the coordinated choreographed first dance routine. This is another export from America the land of the free and got too much time on their hands. Is this cheesy or a great addition to your wedding day? Would love to her from you regarding this. 

If the notion of doing this gets you all excited, I personally think you should go do it regardless of what your family or your guests think as this is your day and perhaps the most important day of your life. A friend of mine did this for their wedding and my advice would be to prepare, prepare, prepare and use this as a means to escape from the stresses of wedding planning. 

As long as you enjoy what you are doing, it doesn’t really matter. On the big day, just hit the Dancefloor full of confidence and once even the harshest critics see you enjoying yourselves, they will join in. Joy is infectious and we all love to join in joy. 

There is no wrong way to do a dance Routine that you truly enjoy. Even if it didn’t go to plan, as long as you enjoyed it. Your guests will be left with joyous and amusing memories. 

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How to deal with fighting over wedding plans

Wedding planning is one of the most amazing times for a couple and it an also be one of the most stressful. It’s a dance between two people with different values, quirks, needs and desires coming together. 

With my own wedding, I went through all this. Before we got engaged, My wife and I rarely argued. Once the date was set and deadliness were tight, that’s when disagreements started flaring up. 

Planning a wedding can be seen as the first step toward putting another persons needs before you. All our lives, we have always put ourselves first, now it’s time to put someone else’s needs first. So to put it simply, through the process of putting together something that is nearly perfect, you have accomplished the art of compromise. Which is the best foundation for life together as a married couple. 

So when the disagreements happen, in my experience, how we solved these was one at a time. Fight one battle a day. So when our topic of the day was budget, we only talked about budget. We didn’t talk about the time I was late to view our chauffeur driven rolls Royce phantom wedding car in Manchester 

What we did was to list all the items that were important to us on our wedding day in order of importance. The items that featured on both our lists were promoted to high priority items. 

We always remembered that we should always keep track of what we are trying to achieve as a team at the bad of it all. Not the party after the ceremony. 

I hope this helps you like it helped us. 

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6th September 2015 Bentley Flying Spur Hire Manchester 

What a great surprise this was. I wanted a low key wedding at the town hall but my now husband surprised me with this amazing car. Just writing to say thanks. The car and chauffeur were very nice. 

Jill Burrows

4th September 2015 Rolls Royce Phantom hire Liverpool testimonial 

Great car. Great service! The chauffeur was on time, very professional and the car looked simply amazing!!!

Thanks once again, really appreciate it. 


30th August 2015 testimonial Rolls Royce Phantom Hire

Dear Alfie, 

You and CDC have made our special day so memorable. The phantom and limousine as you described were showstopping. Our guests were amazed. Thank you once again for all your help. 

Mr. And Mrs. Miller

26th August 2015 testimonial Bentley Flying Spur Hire

Thank you for making my mums 80th so amazing. The Bentley was my mums dream and she was made up. Thank you so much 

Kelly x