Wedding planning is one of the most amazing times for a couple and it an also be one of the most stressful. It’s a dance between two people with different values, quirks, needs and desires coming together. 

With my own wedding, I went through all this. Before we got engaged, My wife and I rarely argued. Once the date was set and deadliness were tight, that’s when disagreements started flaring up. 

Planning a wedding can be seen as the first step toward putting another persons needs before you. All our lives, we have always put ourselves first, now it’s time to put someone else’s needs first. So to put it simply, through the process of putting together something that is nearly perfect, you have accomplished the art of compromise. Which is the best foundation for life together as a married couple. 

So when the disagreements happen, in my experience, how we solved these was one at a time. Fight one battle a day. So when our topic of the day was budget, we only talked about budget. We didn’t talk about the time I was late to view our chauffeur driven rolls Royce phantom wedding car in Manchester 

What we did was to list all the items that were important to us on our wedding day in order of importance. The items that featured on both our lists were promoted to high priority items. 

We always remembered that we should always keep track of what we are trying to achieve as a team at the bad of it all. Not the party after the ceremony. 

I hope this helps you like it helped us. 

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