Many couples these days are striving to set themselves apart from the norm. Many do this by going for chauffeur driven modern Rolls Royce Phantoms (sorry couldn’t help it) as opposed to the traditional vintage cars. Couples are now going for calligraphic elegant handwritten vows rather than choosing the bog standard templates from the registry office. 

A trend that we have been spotting these days is the rise of the coordinated choreographed first dance routine. This is another export from America the land of the free and got too much time on their hands. Is this cheesy or a great addition to your wedding day? Would love to her from you regarding this. 

If the notion of doing this gets you all excited, I personally think you should go do it regardless of what your family or your guests think as this is your day and perhaps the most important day of your life. A friend of mine did this for their wedding and my advice would be to prepare, prepare, prepare and use this as a means to escape from the stresses of wedding planning. 

As long as you enjoy what you are doing, it doesn’t really matter. On the big day, just hit the Dancefloor full of confidence and once even the harshest critics see you enjoying yourselves, they will join in. Joy is infectious and we all love to join in joy. 

There is no wrong way to do a dance Routine that you truly enjoy. Even if it didn’t go to plan, as long as you enjoyed it. Your guests will be left with joyous and amusing memories. 

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