Wedding Cars Manchester

A quick google search for wedding cars manchester will bring you a tonne of results but how do you know which to choose? Here’s a few top tips what to look for when choosing your wedding car transport supplier.


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Wedding Cars Manchester

If you are looking for wedding cars Manchester, from our experience the following are the important features of a great wedding car supplier


Established company and reputation

Agent or owned cars

Feedback and testimonials

Backup fleet




Established company and reputation

Just doing a quick Google search for wedding cars Manchester will yield a tonne of results from long standing mom and pop companies offering old banged up wedding cars to modern snazzy websites offering anything from Mercedes to even helicopters.


Which one do you go for?


If you are going for a modern wedding car, you can immediately discount the ones offering traditional wedding cars and now you have a shortlist of wedding car suppliers offering modern wedding cars such as rolls Royce phantoms and bentleys.


Try and find as much information about these as possible. Some questions that may arise are whether this is an actual company and how long has it been registered?


Generally a registered company that has been going for a couple of years plus is a good sign and shows some sort of accountability and trust.


Agent or owned cars

Now this is where a lot of people have a bad impression of agents.


All agents are not made equal it boils down to the company’s credibility.


We started out as agents and then started buying cars for ourselves. Sometimes an agent is a bad idea because then you and the agent are at the mercy of the subcontractor they are using so there is an element of risk.


This is the reason why we stopped being an agent and did the cars for ourselves so that we are the masters of our own destiny and not ruin our reputation because some guy couldn’t get out of bed.


Anyway, I digress…


The point that is important is that anyone can build a website and PRETEND to be an agent. This where you as the customer need to be aware of when looking for wedding cars Manchester.


One simple solution is to ask to see the car that you are planning to book. This should be possible whether it’s an own car company or an agent (we have done this when we were agents, so others should be able to as well)


If you start hearing excuses about why they don’t do viewings, go elsewhere.


Now, all agents aren’t bad. There are some pros to consider when going with an agent and that is the suppliers will be much more loyal to the agent and won’t let them down for fear of losing all the promises busines.


Let me give you an example, we work with a few agents and say for example a particular agent has already confirmed 20 Bookings with us. That is a lot of revenue at risk. You get my drift.


Also with an agent, they have a wider network so can source a replacement and have a better chance to source replacement cars. For example, the reason we got on a major agents list is because their supplier let them down, we were on the backup list and were there for them at the right place at the right time and now we get a lot of business from them.


Feedback and testimonials

Always makes sure you check ratings and reviews from websites and social media. This is extremely important to figure out how good your potential supplier is on the day.


Perhaps the best feedback or testimonial tat you can hope to get is that from a friend, family member or someone who knows the above. Hearing this straight from the people who have been served by the wedding car supplier in question is great reinforcement and you can trust that this feedback has not been edited by the company heifer posting. I am not saying that people do this but it does happen.


Backup fleet

So you have looked at your dream wedding car and you are super excited. Can you always guarantee 100% that you will get the car you booked or looked at? This is a tough question, nothing is for sure and everything is subject to risk. Even a wedding venue cannot guarantee it will be there for you on your date. Remember the fire at peckforton castle? Who would have thought that your wedding date had to be moved or your venue had to be changed.


All I am saying is that this can happen. Your wedding car could be involved in an accident the day BEFORE your wedding day. All is not lost, this is where the backup fleet comes in. My company, chauffeur driven cars has multiples of the cars we have in our fleet. This way we can always cover a booking if the unforeseen happens with a similar or better car.


Furthermore, our backup car is a Bentley mulsanne which is equivalent to the rolls Royce phantom and is not booked out and used as a backup car.




Communication is absolutely key to running a business in this day and age. All communication should be written because things get lost in translation.


This is why you should always ask for an email confirmation to confirm all details that have been discussed over the phone or other mediums. If the wedding car company refuses to or stalls this, there’s something wrong. Theses days it’s so easy to just fire off an email to confirm details there’s simply no excuse. This way you have a written record and email trail that you can refer back whenever you need it.


It’s also an added bonus that once the booking is complete, the wedding car company keeps in constant contact with you the client. This is to reassure the client that they are thinking of you and also get any updates to the job details.


At CDC, once a booking is confirmed, my team will be in touch 2 months before, a month before, 2 weeks before and a week before to keep in touch where applicable.


All correspondence will be by email to avoid any confusion and contracts are always issued.




A wedding car company must serve to be as clear as day with their customer. This ensures that there’s nothing that’s lost in translation or forgotten. Furthermore, this ensures that everyone involved behaves in a fair and just manner.


This is related to the above where communication is key to give clarity to everyone. The wedding car company must also answer any unanswered questions quickly, efficiently and professionally hence why CDC have a clear terms of business for anyone who has confirmed a car with us.


When CDC sends out a quote, the quotation clearly lists everything that is involved in this booking.


This ensures that both parties concerned know what is required of them and what they will receive.


Thank you for reading.



15th January 2016

Kevin hired our Bentley flying spur last weekend for his wedding in the beautiful Midland hotel. It was a chilly day but it all was amazing!

“Thank you for your email, the car was fantastic, the chauffeur was very professional on punctual. Everyone commented on how good the car looked. You will get more business from my guests. Kevin and Rose”


Cars for wedding manchester – tip for when you get let down

Hey everyone and welcome to chauffeur driven cars. In today’s article we will look at Cars for wedding manchester and what you need o look for in a reliable wedding car provider or service.


We have been in the wedding industry since 2008 starting from humble beginnings and growing organically so we have pretty much seen and done it all.

White Collection

Cars for wedding manchester

I hear a lot of stories some of them horror stories of couples and the troubles they have faced when looking for Cars for weddings in manchester.


Some couples have come to us when the service they booked calls in (usually last minute) to say that something’s happened to their wedding car and they don’t have a replacement.  Some of them give the couple’s hard earned deposit back whilst other unscrupulous guys keep the money and disappear often starting a different company or website to start trading again.


The truth here is the wedding car provider in Manchester that you had booked got a better offer elsewhere and scored to dump your booking in favour of this new one (which possibly gives them more money or maybe more advertising if it’s a celebrity event). So they lie to you and say something happened to your wedding car.


In reality, accidents do happen but all proper wedding car companies in Manchester and the United Kingdom have wedding car insurance. What this ensures is that in the event of an accident, the insurance provider will supply a replacement car (the best they can get at the time). It’s happened to us a couple of times and the insurance company provided us with a Bentley instead of a rolls Royce.

Cars for wedding manchester – ask questions

Always make sure you ask your wedding car supplier or service who let you down a copy of the accident report or any other documentation whether it be from the garage (if they say it’s in a garage) for a bit of proof and to know that you have not been messed around.


I hope this tip helps you guys choose the best Cars for weddings in Manchester and the rest of the United Kingdom. This article will be helpful if you or someone you know gets let down by a chauffeur company that promises you the earth and let’s you down so close to the big day. Remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t so err on the side of caution and make sure you background check your suppliers before booking.

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