Springbank Flowers – Wedding Flowers Manchester

When expert floristry is combined with imagination it leaps to another level and becomes storytelling: whether it’s a fairytale wedding, a venue bringing a proud tradition to life or a brand with a strong corporate personality to express. This is what Springbank is all about so check them out if you are looking for wedding florists in Manchester


Frog Floral Artistry – Wedding Florist Manchester

We are really impressed b Frogs creations and according to their website, They can serve you by…

“Creating an elegant backdrop for that wonderful day, we provide a bespoke service tailored to your dreams…”

Check them out if you are looking for wedding florists in manchester


Venus Flowers Wedding Florist Manchester

Today, we want to share our love for Venus Flowers. They do some simply breathtaking stuff at the

weddings we have had the pleasure of serving so wanted to give a shout out to the guys over here.

Head on over to their website if you are looking for a reliable wedding florist in Manchester


Wedding Florist Manchester & Cheshire – Laurel Weddings

Laurel Weddings are an award winning wedding florist based in Sale, Cheshire. We have had the privilege of working with so many lovely couples and providing their wedding decorations at beautiful venues all over Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire.

Looking for wedding florist in Manchester? These guys have you covered