24th January 2016

Farrah booked our phantom and limousine package for her wedding  at a stunning stately home. What a colourful day and the food was to die for!!!

Dear CDC,

Quick email to thank you for your services on my wedding day. The cars looked amazing and were on time. Everyone commented on our entrance and your drivers stayed patiently till the end even though things got delayed at the venue. Hope they enjoyed the food. X



Wedding Cars Cheshire – How to find wedding cars in cheshire

Hey everyone and welcome to chauffeur driven cars. The number one service for wedding cars cheshire.


Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.

Anne Hathaway

Wedding Cars Cheshire

Wedding Cars Cheshire – why choose us

Chauffeur driven cars have been in the industry supplying wedding cars cheshire since 2008. The founders were general managers and directors of wedding venues all across the north west and Cheshire and they live and breathe weddings.


This gives chauffeur driven cars a unique advantage because we are not a taxi or transport company (like others) that also does weddings.


Weddings and special events is all what we do and we do it well.

I think the secret to our success has been that we understand our customers. We know all the stresses that a bride and groom go through when planning the biggest day of their lives. To a transport company, you may seem like just a pick up and drop and they wouldn’t think of you any other way.


With chauffeur driven cars, we understand all about weddings so in addition to supplying you with wedding cars cheshire, we also serve you full circle and that is we get involved, we ask the right questions, we keep in touch constantly and offer suggestions and expertise if requested for example we have suggested to couples to have drinks receptions for an hour and a half. We have also told couples that they don’t need a separate car for the bridesmaids, the same wedding car can do the job at no extra cost due to the close proximity of the Church and the bride’s house.


Our customers say that the best thing about our wedding cars cheshire service is the lead up to the special day. Our standards procedure is to be in constant contact to other our support whenever we can. After the initial confirmation, our team will be in touch with you 2 months before, a month before, 2 weeks before and a week before just to keep up to date with any changes because let’s face it, we are in the weddings industry and changes always happen and we will always comply with any changes.


Furthermore when booking your wedding cars Cheshire with us, you can be guaranteed to not be rushed. Like I said, we don’t operate like traditional transport companies. We only take 2 bookings per day per car. One in the day and one in the evening. This is to ensure no customers are affected due to delays as delays are always part and parcel of weddings and why ruin someone’s day purely for profit?

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15th January 2016

Kevin hired our Bentley flying spur last weekend for his wedding in the beautiful Midland hotel. It was a chilly day but it all was amazing!

“Thank you for your email, the car was fantastic, the chauffeur was very professional on punctual. Everyone commented on how good the car looked. You will get more business from my guests. Kevin and Rose”


Cars for wedding manchester – tip for when you get let down

Hey everyone and welcome to chauffeur driven cars. In today’s article we will look at Cars for wedding manchester and what you need o look for in a reliable wedding car provider or service.


We have been in the wedding industry since 2008 starting from humble beginnings and growing organically so we have pretty much seen and done it all.

White Collection

Cars for wedding manchester

I hear a lot of stories some of them horror stories of couples and the troubles they have faced when looking for Cars for weddings in manchester.


Some couples have come to us when the service they booked calls in (usually last minute) to say that something’s happened to their wedding car and they don’t have a replacement.  Some of them give the couple’s hard earned deposit back whilst other unscrupulous guys keep the money and disappear often starting a different company or website to start trading again.


The truth here is the wedding car provider in Manchester that you had booked got a better offer elsewhere and scored to dump your booking in favour of this new one (which possibly gives them more money or maybe more advertising if it’s a celebrity event). So they lie to you and say something happened to your wedding car.


In reality, accidents do happen but all proper wedding car companies in Manchester and the United Kingdom have wedding car insurance. What this ensures is that in the event of an accident, the insurance provider will supply a replacement car (the best they can get at the time). It’s happened to us a couple of times and the insurance company provided us with a Bentley instead of a rolls Royce.

Cars for wedding manchester – ask questions

Always make sure you ask your wedding car supplier or service who let you down a copy of the accident report or any other documentation whether it be from the garage (if they say it’s in a garage) for a bit of proof and to know that you have not been messed around.


I hope this tip helps you guys choose the best Cars for weddings in Manchester and the rest of the United Kingdom. This article will be helpful if you or someone you know gets let down by a chauffeur company that promises you the earth and let’s you down so close to the big day. Remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t so err on the side of caution and make sure you background check your suppliers before booking.

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24th December 2015

Hi everyone, been a while since posted testimonials and part of our New Years resolutions is to keep this up to date. Here’s one from Diane, a bride whose wedding we did on the 24th of December 

It was perfect thankyou and your drivers were fantastic xx