12th April 2014 Testimonial for Wedding Car Hire in Liverpool

Hi Alfie,

We had a very good ride. No hiccups, very polite chauffeur. I have nothing to say about shortcomings.
Great Job!

Wish you the very best in the future.


13th April 2014 Testimonial for Bentley Hire in Liverpool

Dear Alfie,

An amazing Bentley for an amazing day. Pretty much like a fairy tale for me. The Chauffeurs were extremely helpful and were very professional, kudos to you on that.

Will definitely put in a good word about you to other friends ready to tie the knot.

Thanks a lot,

Wedding on 18/04/2014 – Testimonial

Hi Alfie,

Excellent support on your part. The wedding went smooth overall and a big thanks goes to your chauffeur who performed his job well.

I will recommend you to friends as well.

Take care,

Wedding on 6th April 2014 – Testimonial

Dear Alfie,

Great job by you and the team. The cars were amazing. Thanks for the great deal on the package.
The chauffeurs were well-groomed and very professional at what they do.

I really enjoyed your service, was one thing less to worry about on our big day.

Thanks a bunch,

Wedding on 13/04/2014 – Testimonial

Dear Alfie,

Amazing service overall. The chauffeur seemed very friendly and did his jobs well.

Will give in a good word to family and friends.


Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson on 16/03/2014 – Testimonial

Dear Alfie,

The car was a joy to ride on. Really enjoyed how it all went until the very end.
A perfect way to start our lives together.
Thank you for your efforts, I have no complains with the chauffeur whatsoever.

Wishing you all the best.

Thanks again,

Wedding on 5th April 2014 – Testimonial

Hi Alfie,

Thank you for today!

We have all had the most amazing and memorable day, topped and tailed with the whole limo experience. The driver was great, very friendly and helpful, we couldn’t have asked for more.

I hope we will be able to call upon your services again in the future.

With kindest regards,


Wedding of Jon and Kahlee on 29/03/2014 – Testimonial

Hey Alfie,

The Bentley really made our special day all the more better. I wish I could keep it! But really, really loved it, very decent chauffeur. I will recommend you guys to my friends who themselves are getting married soon.

Have a good one!

Private party on 30/03/2014 – Testimonial

Dear Alfie,

The Rolls Royce was just simply classy. We really enjoyed the ride and the chauffeur was very good company too. He was friendly and attentive. You better hold onto him…

All in all thanks a lot for everything. Nothing makes a statement better than getting out of a Rolls Royce.


Wedding of Jackie and Charles 30/03/2014 – Testimonial

Hi Alfie,

Thanks for the great car and service provided. The chauffeur was very amusing and friendly.
Hit you up for the next big thing soon…